From top to bottom: 1st Aggregate Form, Flying form and 2nd Aggregate Form, Final Form

1st Aggregate: 2 Meters
Flying: 65 Meters
2nd Aggregate: 40 Meters
Final: 120 Meters
1st Aggregate: 350 Kg
Flying: 1500 Tons
2nd Aggregate: 15,000 Tons
Final: 150,000 tons
Special Weapons:
Fires ray of "micro-oxygen" weapon from its mouth
Inner, extending jaw (like 'Alien') can puncture enemies
Energy blade weapon can slice through flesh
Film Appearances:
Godzilla Vs. Destroyer (1995)
Destroyer is a by-product of the Oxygen Destroyer weapon recreated in 1995. Initially, it exists as several Aggregate stage monsters but combines to form a single creature in the larger stages.

Mark Meloon's "Mel's Godzilla Page" was the first web page to show Destoroyah. Started in 1994, it was probably the first Godzilla site on the net, although he took it down in 1997. I have preserved that section here. The pictures are from TV Magazine Card Book #2.
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